The Law Office of James C. Siebert & Associates, P.C. / Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys of Illinois, P.C. (“Office”) in an effort to protect the safety of its Clients and Visitors, as well as staff, modified the office layout to create a separate COVID-19 Conference Room.  The COVID-19 Conference Room  allows Clients and  Visitors to meet an Attorney in person while minimizing any risk from COVID-19.  The COVID-19 Conference Room  is used only for meetings, sanitized both prior to and after each meeting, and is locked off at all other times. The COVID-19 Conference Room is designed to minimize if not eliminate contact between the Client and the staff or anyone else as well as minimize any surface or other contact by the Client when going from their car to the safe space conference room.

COVID-19  Conference Room 

(1) Upon arrival park on the east side of the building but remain in your vehicle and call the office, advise us if you have or need face masks or gloves. (East side has orange paper in two office windows)

(2)  When the room is ready, you will be called. You will enter the building, walk past the main office door, turn left at atrium and the first door on the left will be the Client Visitor Only Entrance. Go in the entrance, help your self to face mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. The air filtering system will be on, if the noise is too loud or disturbing please advise the staff.

(3) Please sit at the conference table facing the acrylic shield. The Attorney will enter the room through another door and sit at the conference table on the other side of the acrylic shield.  There is a small 4″ space at the bottom of the shield to pass documents back and forth.

.(4) Upon the completion of the meeting, leave the conference room and go directly to your car. The mask and gloves can be disposed of in trash upon exiting the building. Once you leave a staff member will enter the client area and sanitize all surfaces, while running air filtration at higher speed, then they will leave lock the door and then sanitize all door handles between the room and the exterior door on both sides

The Law Office of James C. Siebert & Associates, PC / Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys of Illinois, P.C. is an Essential Business as defined under paragraph 12 (r) of the Executive Order and accordingly will continue to operate during this crisis under certain limitations. Unfortunately, there are certain legal issues which can’t be postponed, whether it be an issue regarding the incapacity of a loved one, obtaining and paying for long term care, handling the death of a loved one, applying for obtaining Medicaid benefits or handling the appeal of a wrongful denial of Medicaid benefits. In order to protect the health and safety of the office’s Clients, potential Clients and their families, as well as the office staff, procedural safeguards have been implemented, including :

Remote Consultation and Meeting Availability. The Office is available to meet for Initial Consultations, as well as ongoing meetings with existing Clients, remotely using Zoom.

Document Execution Carhop Service. In a situation where it is necessary to get the actual “wet ink” signatures on documents, especially when such signature must be done in presence of witnesses, the Office in an effort to limit person-to-person contact and ensure your clients’ health and safety will provide carhop document execution. The Firm will either review the documents ahead of time or at the time of the service but will bring the documents outside to get the necessary signatures while you and your loved ones stay inside your car.


Office Consultations in the COVID-19 conference room.   The COVID-19 Conference Room allows Clients and potential Clients to meet with an Attorney face to face knowing that they will have minimal risk of exposure. The COVID-19 Conference Room substantially exceeds the safety standards for this type of business as set forth in the Center for Disease Control’s Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (as updated March 21, 2020) in order that we may continue to safely meet your legal needs, while providing peace of mind to you and our staff.

Please continue to contact us via telephone (847) 253-7500, email at , or through the website ( Contact Us page. Our staff will respond as quickly as we are able. We are still here for you and will try our hardest to satisfy your legal needs during this challenging time.


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