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After 40 years of practicing law, James C. Siebert is retiring.

“It has been both my pleasure and honor to have served my community and my clients with their legal needs for all these years. However, it is now time for the next chapter of my life. While I will continue to act as “Of Counsel,” the law firm will now be in the very capable hands of fellow Certified Elder Law Attorney Linda M. Strohschein. I was fortunate my firm had such a high reputation that I could choose from the top elder and estate law attorneys and firms wanting to take over the practice. I made my choice based on who would be most able to serve the needs of my clients at the same high level that they received from me. I believe that Linda and her team are the best among the top firms to take over the reins of Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys of Illinois. Please be assured that this is a smooth transition, that we will still maintain copies of all your files, and that Linda and her team will answer any questions you or your family may have concerning any prior matter. As time goes on, and you need to review or update prior legal matters, or if a new matter arises, please contact the office. The address and phone number remain the same, and any email will be forwarded to Linda and her team. While I will no longer be able to assist you, I am confident that Linda, her team, and Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys of Illinois will provide you with the highest level of professional legal services while still seeing you as an individual and making sure that the services provided are done in light of your unique situation.” – James C. Siebert

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Linda M. Strohschein
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James C. Siebert